I paint because it is one of the best forms of self expression, and it is what keeps us human.

Based out of Spokane, Washington. Max has been painting since a child (self-taught) and enjoys the creative process. His works are generally inspirational, impressionistic, thought provoking or calming. He has sold locally at over 3 shows and many more online and word of mouth, and is looking to expand his demand ! Any questions or Prints, email me at MaxwellBrownArt [!at] gmail.com

"I feel the process is the most important task, the finished product is only a result of the process, we must learn to trust our-self's and not to doubt our-self's"

"Our true creative process can not be achieved until we dissolve the illusion or perception that our art must be approved or appreciated by others"

"Art is the voluntary removal of all self thought, insecurities, and judgements on the process"

I paint as a deep desire for self expression and reflection. It is my therapeutic release. I pursue it as a discipline and self teaching has taught me about my practice and more!

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